Roadshow destination #6: Product Hunt Geneva

On a rainy day in Geneva, Procivis AG CFO, Yves-Alain Petitjean was hosted by Product Hunt Geneva at the Impact Hub to present the company’s latest project, VALID. The event attracted an audience of over 60 people and was also livestreamed to an online audience through

The presentation focused primarily on the future of blockchain based digital identity. Yves explained that VALID may be seen as a natural successor to Procivis’ eID+ government solution, putting the company on course to achieving its vision of empowering users with fully self-sovereign digital identities. Enabled by blockchain, VALID would make it possible for users to construct a digital identity and have their claims attested by trusted third parties such as NGOs, supranational organisations, or even social media platforms. This marks a paradigm shift from the status quo, eliminating the dependence of users on governments to obtain a recognised identity.

The presentation was received with great enthusiasm which was marked by the extended Q & A session. When asked about VALID’s choice of digital identity protocols, Yves stated that Sovrin’s approach which enables verification by non-private actors such as governments, NGOs, supranational organisations aligned with VALID’s vision of emerging as a solution that facilitates the inclusion of the 1.1 billion global citizens lacking a government issued identity. He further added that VALID is constantly on the lookout for digital identity protocols which could support the VALID vision. This is marked by the company’s recent decision to explore the potential to integrate NEO’s native digital identity protocol into VALID.


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