Roadshow Destinations #10 & #11 — From Bangkok to Prague

Daniel Gasteiger, CEO of Procivis AG was hosted by Startup Grind, drawing the curtains on the Asian leg of the VALID roadshow. The event followed a fireside chat format and was moderated by Jason Corbett, Managing Partner at Silk Legal.

The discussions revolved around Danny’s experience of leaving behind his successful corporate career in Investment Banking to venture into the world of blockchain. After a journey of exploration and discovery in the blockchain arena, Danny founded Procivis AG.

After the successful launch of its government trusted eID+ solution, Procivis’ vision for the future of digital identity is reflected in VALID, a self-sovereign digital identity platform which aims to restore privacy and control over personal data back to the user.

The final leg of the VALID roadshow moved back to Europe with the Blockchain as a Business — International Insights meetup in Prague. The event featured presentations from six distinguished speakers with a diverse array of blockchain experience. Danny was invited to offer his insights on the applications of blockchain in digital identity and to present Procivis’ latest project, VALID. Following Danny’s presentation of VALID, the discussions spanned a broad range of topics such as the fintech applications of blockchain in Israel, regulatory and accounting challenges around blockchain and the applications of blockchain in the energy sector.

Speaking at the end of the event, Danny stated, “We are encouraged by the positive response to VALID across the world. As a strong believer in the power of blockchain, I am equally pleased to see the technology being applied to solve diverse problems across industries. Following the hype around blockchain in past, we are now entering a period of maturity where real-world applications are beginning to emerge.”


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