Roadshow Destination #8: Tokyo, Japan

After Europe and the Americas, the VALID roadshow moved to the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. Daniel Gasteiger, CEO of Procivis AG was hosted by Alex Fazel, Head of Communications at SwissBorg and Yasu at Fab Café in the Shibuya neighbourhood in Tokyo for a VALID meetup. The visit also featured insightful meetings with local crypto firms, helping further VALID’s international perspective.

After presenting the vision behind VALID, Danny unveiled the VALID prototype for the first time to the audience in Tokyo. The unveiling of the prototype marked an early, yet significant step towards delivering VALID to its potential users. The presentation was followed by engaging discussions about the future of personal data management and data privacy.

Speaking at the end of the event, Danny said, “Today’s discussions and the reception from the audience lead me to believe that we are in the midst of a global movement which is calling for a more secure and fairer internet with regard to data ownership. With VALID, we wish to answer this call and emerge as a key stakeholder in building the foundations of a more privacy-respecting arrangement in the digital age. I would like to thank my hosts Alex Fazel and Yasu for organising a wonderful meetup and I leave Tokyo more motivated than ever to make the VALID vision a reality.”


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